The Casma Valley Introduction

casma3The Casma Valley in Peru's Ancash Department hosts a wide range of significant archaeological sites.  These include newly discovered geoglyphs in Pampa Colorada, the hill top fortress of Chankillo, and Sechin Alto - the largest Pre-columbian site in Peru.  The Sechin Alto complex includes a half dozen sites:  Sechin Temple, Cerro Sechin, Sechin Alto, Sechin Bajo, Taukachi-Konkan, Pampa Rosario, and Moxeque.

casma7The discovery of large geoglyphs, similar to those of the Nazca plain, carved into the arid soil was a significant find.  There are numerous geoglyphs in the shape on animals, humans, and mythical creatures.

The are located approximately 15 km from the town of Casma, along the left margin of the Yautan road.

The lines were constructed by removing the top layer of soil, creating lines approximately 20cm wide, and as large as 25 meters long.  They are clearly visible from nearby hill tops.

The age of these geoglyphs and lines is presumed to be from 3,200 to 2,800 years (approximately the same period as the Nazca culture and the nearby Sechin culture).  Of course this begs the question of a relationship between the two cultures.