Lost Fortress Of Chankillo

Cahuachi is a major ceremonial center of the Nasca civilization in Peru, occupied from between AD 1-500. The site is located near the Nazca lines, and evidence clearly connects Cahuachi with the construction of the lines.

Cahuachi is an enormous site, including some 370 acres in area, dominated by a central pyramid and plaza. It was a major center of the Nasca during the early period (before about AD450), and was the central residence and seat of power. After then, Nasca society diversified, but Cahuachi remained an important site, for rituals and burials. At least 5000 tombs have been identified, many of them have been looted. The site has been intensively studied by a team led by Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici.

model of Cahuachi3

model of Cahuachi4

model of Cahuachi5

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