Nazca Lines: Why Create Lines?

Nazca Lines Why2Even though we know exactly how the lines were made, there is less existing evidence concerning why the figures were built, so the Nazca people's motivation remains the lines' most persistent mystery. Many scholars believe that their motivation was religious, making images that only gods in the sky could see clearly. Kosok and Reiche advanced one of the earliest reasons given for the Nazca Lines: that they were intended to point to the places on the distant horizon where the Sun and other celestial bodies rose or set. This hypothesis was evaluated by two different experts in archaeoastronomy, Gerald Hawkins and Anthony Aveni, and they both concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support an astronomical explanation for the entirety of the massive geoglyphic complex.

However, having said the above, in August 2007 new science was presented by Anthony L. Peratt, Fellow, IEEE, John McGovern, Alfred H. Q√∂yawayma, Life Member, IEEE, Marinus Anthony Van der Sluijs, and Mathias G. Peratt, Member, IEEE.  This new study and theory explores the relationship between petroglyphs, geoglyphs, and periodic extreme intensity aurora discharges and displays. Link to an external website The world over, on a frequent basis (every few thousand years) there are extreme high energy aurora that change the coloration, patterns, and low latitude visibility of aurora.  In many cases the aurora may product high energy static discharges on to the ground - resulting in the formation of "lightning glass" in shapes and patterns significantly different from regular lightning strikes - in lines and bands.