Pachacamac: Mythology

The Inca Story of Creation

Inca Story of Creation2"At the beginning of time the god Pachacamac was the first god and he created the moon the stars and the earth. He then married the moon Pachamama. Then Pachacamac made humans out of stone but they knew nothing so Pachacamac’s son and daughter went to teach them all things and Pachamac said he would give them warmth. Out of pity, they taught men how to survive, and build and plow fields and the women how to cook and weave. Then, they went out to find a perfect place to settle. At each stop they put a symbol for a city there. When they reached the valley of Huanacauri, however, the symbol sank into the ground. Inca decided that that was where they would settle and they set off to gather their people. Inca and his wife preached and gathered followers. Inca’s wife’s followers settled in Hurin-Cuzco, or Southern city. Inca’s followers settled in Hanan-Cuzco, or Northern city. Inca and his followers settled in the north, and Inca’s wife and her followers settled in the south. From then on, the entire Inca city was divided into the male and female sections, representing the Masculine forces and the feminine forces."